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Familiar Atmosphere

We deliberately keep the site small and manageable: we offer accommodation for 19 people in airy, attractively furnished, spacious rooms with modern comfortable bathrooms, balcony or terrace with view of Bolgoda Lake or of the park. Every room has its own safe. Again and again we are especially praised by our guests for the cleanliness of the facilities and the rooms.

European Standards

A large swimming pool is situated in the middle of this park which runs down to Bolgoda Lake, a wide river. Old styled fishing boats float in the water. All day long we can watch rare birds such as Pelicans, Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Kingfishers and many others.

Look forward to your visit at “Spring of Life“! Indulge yourself with this intensive regenerative spa that is tailored for you! Our staff is there for you with heart and soul.

Traditional Ayurveda in Stylish Surroundings

Ayurveda is a complex health care system which began its development approx. 6000 years ago with the Rishis in India. The Rishis were exceptionally knowledgeable and wise men to whom the Vedas, the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism were revealed. It is said of the Rishis that they could perform miracles and cure their own diseases. Ayurveda developed at a time when one intuitively knew of a healthy lifestyle through balance of body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda contains “the knowledge of a healthy life” and takes us back from our often unbalanced everyday life to a matured harmony in body, mind and spirit. Out of this grows well-being, happiness and peace with ourselves and our surroundings.

Light Ayurvedic cuisine with local herbs and spices of Sri Lanka

Early in the morning at 7am, with a loving smile, our staff will serve you a cup of herbal tea at your bedside.

You are called to breakfast with a ring of the melodious bell. It is pure joy to take a seat at the table in the pavilion, open on all sides. You are offered fine and light ayurvedic dishes, prepared with the delicious herbs and spices of Sri Lanka. All dishes are freshly prepared for each meal.

The buffet offers a changing selection with specialities of the country. In between meals, you are treated to freshly squeezed fruit juices and herbal teas. As we wish to preserve the original Ayurvedic approach we serve neither meat or fish nor alcohol. There is no radio or television in the rooms.

We also do not have modern air conditioning, though there are well functioning fans. Windows and doors are fitted with mosquito netting.

”Spring of Life“– Your Little Paradise Awaits You!

Our guests continue to be amazed by the beautifully designed and maintained park with fountain, flowering exotic plants, palms and fruit trees. Unusual birds delight us with their song. The entertaining chipmunks scurry past. Chameleons change their colour. Geckos quack. And in the overgrown neighbouring site monkey families jump from tree to tree.

Our Social Projects – Purpose, Challenge and Compassion in Action

We are involved in projects located in mainly simple remote villages where a foreigner has hardly set foot. The focal point of our welfare activities are the children. Our motto is:”Guide the child, build up the village.”

We have built community centres in many villages where we employ teachers for the children and offer courses for mothers in education, nutrition, health, and sewing.

 It is vital for people to nurture the valuable ancient culture of Sri Lanka. Music, dance and theatre lessons enable children to develop with happiness, vigour and self awareness in their lives.