Massage Treatments

All the massage treatments you will receive at ‘Spring of Life’ are administered by our expert staff and in close collaboration with our Ayurvedic doctor. Please note and observe the recommended rest times, which are an essential part of the treatment as are the massages themselves.

Oil Synchronous Massage - ABHYANGA

This gentle oil massage is administered by two therapists simultaneously from shoulder to toes in synchronised movements with oils chosen by your physician.
The doshas are balanced out, muscles relaxed, and the blood circulation is stimulated. The nervous system is harmonised, which aids sleep and regenerates and rejuvenates the whole body. Altogether, this activates your self- healing powers.


The head massage is also applied with individually chosen herbal oils. It assists to harmonise the basic mood of body and spirit, to stabilise the rhythms of eating and sleeping, to raise energy and in this way to address stressful situations effortlessly. It is also effective in cases of high blood pressure, obesity, emotional problems, imbalance of energies and hormones as well as a weak immune system.  


The facial massage touches certain acupressure points, particularly the lymphatic and endocrine zones of the face. It stimulates the internal organs and rebalances the immune system and hormone activity. It improves eyesight and the face and skin begin to radiate again.

Foot Massage - PADA ABHYANGA

A foot massage offers a comprehensive therapy by stimulating the reflexology zones at the soles of the feet. It encourages the flow of hormones, balances the blood circulation and increases physical and mental energies. Our guests receive this treatment almost on a daily basis.

Shoulder and Neck Massage - KATI GRIVA

This massage is a wonderful way to relax body, mind and spirit. Too high stress levels are always detrimental to our health. Regular alternation between tension and relaxation supports general well being and thus our health. We feel more energetic and, body and spirit are vitalised by being tuned with each other. The complexion clears, sleep disturbances are reduced and tensed up muscles relax.



Ayurveda employs a variety of oil treatments that are effective on many different levels. Generally only after an in-depth diagnosis of the doshas has been made are oil treatments applied constitutionally. The ayurvedic oils used are selected individually for each guest and are highly significant during the entire treatment process.

Oil Forehead-Affusion - SHIRODARA

In this application pleasantly warm herbal oil runs in a continuous regular flow across the forehead. It invigorates body, mind and spirit and induces a feeling of calm, harmony and tranquillity.
This therapy is particularly suited to reduce stress and ease physical problems that have their origin in undue pressure. It slows down the aging process, improves memory and hormone function. Shirodara has a healing effect on paralysis and diseases of the nervous system. Here again the self healing abilities of the body are stimulated.


Luke warm herbal oil is trickled in a continuous affusion over the body and gently massaged into the body by two massage therapists.

Symptoms: Weakened nervous system, Joint problems, Parkinson’s disease, Multiples Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis.

Head – Oil-enema - SHIRO VASTI

SHIRO VASTI translates as ‚head enema‘. It is a harmonising oil bath for the head. In a kind of leathery top hat that is open at the top, gently warmed medicinal oil is poured and allowed to remain there as is appropriate for the individual patient. This treatment is beneficial in stress, depression and insomnia.

External Oil Enema - KATI VASTI

Heated oil is held for approx. 30 minutes on the spine. It is applied in back pain, lumbar vertebrae, sciatic nerve area, and prolapsed disc.

Oil Package - OIL-PICHU

Cotton wool soaked with warm oils is applied to painful parts of the body. It is effective in osteoarthritis, aching muscles and stiff joints.


Rice Pudding - Fermentation – NAVARAKIZI

Small linen bags are filled with a mixture of milk rice and boiled herbs. They are dipped in warm milk and thus the body is rubbed.

This application strengthens the nervous system and smoothes the skin. It is beneficial in muscles wasting, paralysis, numbness of arms and legs, etc.

Fermentation - PINDA SWEDA

Small linen pouches are filled with special medical herbs to be applied in pain therapy. After the consultation with our doctor the herbs will be selected depending on the illness and its stage to be treated and the age of the patient. Before receiving Pinda Sweda the body is prepared with an oil massage to stimulate its own healing energies. This treatment reduces pain and regenerates the affected tissues. It is utilized in muscle wasting, paralysis, sensation of numbness in the extremities, in rheumatoid- as well as osteoarthritis.


There are 13 different kinds of sweat therapies in ayurvedic medicine.
During “Sweda” (sweating) the body activates its healing energy on its own accord. In “Sweda karma” the perspiration process is artificially induced which is particularly good for Vata complaints. The origin of the sweda treatments is thought to have been in India, however historical sources suggest that these methods were also well known in Sri Lanka and were used to heal particular illnesses.


The sauna is used to cleanse and refresh the body. Before entering the sauna the body is covered in herbal oil. Sweating assists the purification and excretion of toxins.


Treatment in the STEAMBOX

Leaves and roots of medicinal plants are cooked and put into the so-called steam box. After oil has been applied to the body you lay down on fresh leaves in the steam box. The enveloping herbal steam opens the pores and assists perspiration so that toxins can be excreted; the body releases stress and reduces pains.  

Herbal Bath

The herbal bath assists the healing process, balances the nervous system, cleanses the body of toxins and eases pain. The Ayurvedic doctor decides how the treatment is ideally applied.


Blanched herbs are steam inhaled. The treatment is ideally suited for symptoms such as colds, coughs, chills, hay fever and sinusitis.

Stone Therapy

The most effective treatment for back pain, spinal problems, tensed up back muscles, as well as arthritis, rheumatism and constipation is the stone therapy (Asmagna). Here a stone plate is heated and medicinal hot water poured over it. Depending on the treatment fresh herbs are placed on the oiled body and covered with a cotton blanket. This treatment also encourages the release of toxins through profuse perspiration.


Here at the ‘Spring of Life’ all therapies and applications are administered by our skilled staff supervised by our ayurvedic doctor. Please follow the instructions that you receive from our staff during or after the treatment in order to optimise the results for tuning body, mind and spirit. The resting periods between the individual treatments are part of that.

Smoke Therapy – (Smoke House) JONATHAGAR

The smoke-house at 'Spring of Life' was built following ancient Ayurvedic concepts. The smoke therapy is used primarily in diseases of the skin.

A fire is lit in a termites’ nest (obviously an uninhabited one) and through the incineration of medicinal herbs the smoke that develops is applied as a healing method.


Warm milk – sometimes enriched by herbs – is poured over the body in a steady stream and gently massaged in (see oil bath -Sarvangadara).

Symptoms: diseases of the skin such as psoriasis, eczema, allergies, dermatitis.


Special dough is formed into a lip and applied around the eyes to act as a sealed container. Medicinally prepared ghee is poured into it. The eyes are then opened so that the ghee can unfold its healing... This treatment is effective in dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and myopia (short sightedness).The eyes attain their sparkle again and the eye lashes grow with renewed energy.

Treatment with Leeches - RADTHA MOKSHANA

Here, medicinally prepared leeches are placed, for example, around the eye. They slowly fill up with blood and fall off. In this way the blood is cleansed behind the eyes. This is particularly useful in Glaucoma. Leeches are also applied in signs of diseases of the skin, suppurating inflammations, varicose veins.


Acupuncture is drawn on when needed to assist Ayurvedic therapies.


Cupping is also used to support Ayurvedic therapies as appropriate.

Beauty Treatments

We also offer different beauty treatments to support mental and physical wellbeing. For example


Following a facial massage with skin rejuvenating oils and crèmes, an herbal steam bath is applied to the face. Then a freshly prepared facial mask, for example made from avocados, is put on. This treatment enlivens, strengthens and lifts the skin immediately.


The skin is cleared of impurities by rubbing it with medicinal powders. The skin becomes soft and refreshed. It is a wonderful experience!

Flower Bath

In a wooden bathtub - filled with warm water - herbal powders containing Sandalwood are mixed with flower essences. On the surface float scented lotus and other beautiful tropical blossoms. It is a magnificent sensation to lie among these flowers and relax.
This experience is prepared for you on the last day of your Ayurvedic spa. Your senses will be enriched and this consciousness of wellbeing will stay with you for a long time to come.