Celebrate together with us at the "Spring of Life"

An Extraordinary Celebration during your Spa

Enjoy your special day (birthday, wedding anniversary etc), in a different way!

It is a pleasure for us to arrange this special day for you at the “Spring of Life”. The culture of Sri Lanka has so much to offer to make this day into an unforgettable experience.

Some Examples:

Some guests really enjoy it when early in the morning the monks of the village temple come to bless ‘the birthday child’ and to be accompanied by their prayers. The monks will join us for breakfast. We often follow the local tradition by visiting a children’s home in the afternoon. The children will delight us with their dances of the ancient culture and honour their special guest with their beautiful songs. After that we visit the different departments where the old and disabled, the small children and the young people live and we host a good evening meal. They give thanks with a prayer intended for the sponsor.

In the evening at the “Spring of Life“ a small band plays southern music. And obviously the kitchen will have a special delicious meal prepared! There are many other possibilities to celebrate this day in a special way. Let yourself simply be surprised!