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The Three Doshas guide our Physical and Mental Processes

They are derived from the five basic elements: air, ether (time and space), fire, water and earth which are the constituents of the world and are mirrored in our bodies. The three basic constitutions, the Doshas originate from the connections of these five elements: “Vata” (air and ether), “Pitta” (fire and water) and “Kapha” (earth and water).They all shape the physical and mental characteristics of every human being. When the doshas are not in tune with each other, diseases and dis-harmonies develop, which then find a bodily expression.Discomfort and illness can be caused by an unhealthy diet, stress, ongoing disputes, negative thoughts and feelings, lack of exercise, tension, environmental and noise pollution, insomnia, pain and depression.

The Ayurvedic doctor senses with the help of pulse diagnosis the state of health. The result is an individually designed treatment plan that restores the harmony between the three doshas with individually designed treatments, special applications, an appropriate healthy diet, effective herbal medicine and resting times. Ayurveda returns us gently to our centre and the longed for inner peace and ultimately to a life of joy, gratitude and peaceful serenity.