The River Safari

We offer you a unique experience with a River Safari

After a cup of tea early in the morning we begin our trip to the Bentota River. After boarding the boat we experience the indescribable beauty and diversity of the exotic wildlife and river landscape. We encounter crocodiles, monitor lizards and chameleons, monkies, bald eagles, flying dog, kingfishers, cormorants, storks and many other animal species in their natural habitat, and they are unperturbed by us.

Magnificent lotus flowers, ancient trees, fisher men in their simple boats, small huts on the shore complete this natural wonder.

Later we will go to the beach, run, swim, appreciate the sun, and at some point a delicious lunch. On our return journey we often visit a famous Bhuddist temple in Kalutara. Enriched by all these beautiful impressions we come back to our “Spring of Life” in the evening.