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As a guest of ‘Spring of Life‘ the body experiences a gentle cleanse. The gut is purified and restored, nose and sinuses become clear again.

With the help of the gentle and effective whole-body synchronous massages the precious, individually chosen oils can permeate every pore, opening the cells into their deepest past. Everything begins to move and vibrate within. 

Ayurveda is not just an expression of a fashionable trend of wellbeing, but the ‘Wisdom of Life’ an ancient healing method with a great wealth of experience.

Within the tradition of Ayurvedic teachings the old valuable medicinal recipes and applications are only handed down from father to son. Before the oils and herbal medicines can be produced, a vital role is played by the ancient knowledge. Initially at a particularly ‘auspicious time’ (an astrologically defined moment in time) protection and healing are requested, and, only then, can the time consuming and highly concentrated processing of herbs, roots, flowers, minerals and other natural materials begin.

Welcome in our small paradise

Enjoy the nature - and a relaxing spa