We enjoy showing you the Face and the People of Sri Lanka

It is very close to our heart to introduce you to the beauty of this country and the unusual qualities of its people. Already during antiquity Sri Lanka was famous for its picturesque beauty, its cultural wealth and natural resources (precious stones). Its attractiveness is unchanged today.

But Sri Lanka is also a poor country even when the wounds of a 30year civil war and a tsunami are slowly healing. We have been committed in social projects in Sri Lanka since 1980 and are familiar with the worries and concerns of the people here. With these social projects we have been able to provide the experience of success and joyful living to people.

Social Projects

We engage in projects mainly located in simple remote villages where foreigner hardly set foot. The focal point of our welfare activities are the children. Our motto is:”Guide the child, build up the village.” We have built community centres in many villages, where we employ teachers for the children and to offer courses in education, nutrition, health, and sewing for mothers. It is vital for people to nurture the ancient valuable culture of Sri Lanka. Music, dance and theatre lessons enable children to develop with happiness, vigour and self awareness in their lives. By arranging sponsorships we provide the opportunities for many children living in extreme poverty to receive a good education.


We offer the opportunity to get to know such projects in the context of a special excursion on treatment-free Sundays. A village festival takes place when we visit with our Ayurveda guests. We are welcomed with flower garlands and bouquets, music and dance, beaming smiles and sparkling eyes and experience a colourful festival in the community centre. We return with fulfilled grateful hearts. Such a day is unforgettable...!

You also have the opportunity at the “Spring of Life“ to get into closer contact with local people. Once a month the sponsored children come with their mothers from Colombo and the surrounding regions to collect their sponsorship money. These children also want to express their appreciation with song and dance. We enjoy arranging traditional dance and music performance evenings. We attend with our guests ceremonies in the village temple. We visit a children’s home situated close by, that we have been supporting since 1980. Here also the ancient culture is alive with its music and dance and shared with us enthusiastically. We often provide an evening meal for the children, disabled and old people who live there.

What else we can do for you

We are happy to organise excursions for you so you can safely and happily enjoy Sri Lanka. Here the original Sri Lanka and its warm and wonderful people await you.

You are welcome to plan your own trips to shop in Colombo or to drink tea while the sun sets on the terrace of the old colonial Hotel Mount Lavinia, with our reliable local drivers with whom we have been working together for years.