Daily routine in "Spring of Life"

On the day of your arrival you will be picked up from the airport and will reach the spa centre ‘Spring of Life’ after an approximately 90 minute journey.

You will be welcomed with flower garlands, freshly prepared fruit juice and a traditional prayer accompanied with drums. Then, after a short tour of the magnificent gardens you will be shown to your room so you can freshen up. When you are ready there will be your first consultation with the doctor Inoka, who will draw up an individual programme for you.

After a welcome massage - weather permitting it will take place outside - and a delicious meal you will be free to relax and sleep.

After your first night surrounded by exotic sounds there will be a knock on your door at 7am and, with a loving smile, our staff will serve you a cup of herbal tea at your bed-side.

Who would like to experience YOGA in the morning with yoga teacher Mala . From Monday to Friday we offer YOGA from 6:30 am to 7:30 am.

At 7.30am the harmonious sound of a bell will call you to breakfast in the dining-hall, which is open on all sides. You will be served fantastic fruit, herbal teas, the traditional Sri Lankan’ green soup’ and a tasty menu, changed daily. The first specifically prepared medicine will also be ready for you then. You are surrounded by a multitude of beautiful flowers, blooming shrubs, where palm and fruit trees will attract your attention. And the sound of birds will delight your ear. Cheeky chipmunks are scurrying past.

Now the treatment starts. By now you will have swapped your western clothes with the usual sarong. (This will protect your own clothing from the liberally applied oils.)

In accordance with your treatment plan, you will go to the treatment centre in good time, where you are expected and taken to the prepared treatment rooms where you will receive a synchronous massage to begin with, which everybody experiences as wonderfully relaxing.

To cleanse the body further, you are taken to a scented sauna (heated to a gentle 45°). The induced sweats will clear toxins from your body so that the precious Ayurvedic oils can fully release their healing properties.

Then all you need is rest to allow peace and quiet to enhance the intensive cleansing process! Ideally you lie down on a lounger in the garden or on the bed in your room. (Please do first cover the pillow and the bed with the saffron coloured towels you find in your bedside table, thank you.)

At 12.30pm the bell calls you again to the dining hall. A lovingly prepared buffet asks you to lunch. The doctor will explain to you the composition of the food and recommend, according to your doshas, what you should and should not eat...

After the lunch break, which you are welcome to spend on the loungers in the garden with the view of Lake Bolgoda, the next series of treatments are due. These will vary during the course of your stay with us. The doctor is observing the responses of your body and will adjust treatments accordingly. At 7pm every night dinner will be served. The remainder of the day is free.

If we may give you some advice: give yourself time – stay with yourself and allow yourself to rest. Our experience tells us that your body longs for deep relaxation and the overfilled space in your brain for a ‘clear out’. Everything that we human beings hear, feel, see, taste, and experience stays with us. Our computer sends us a warning when it is full-up. Our body warns equally, but we often overlook these warning signs. And so diseases develop.

Please accept that in this context the ‘Spring of Life‘ does not offer any of the usual distractions such as television or radio.

Feedback from our guests after are brought back in harmony having arrived back in their daily lives and from our own experience, tells us how body, mind and spirit can positively change, when we simply let go and allow life to happen.