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Feedback from Guests on their experience at “Spring of Life“

According to the Ayurvedic cure my high blood pressure is back to normal!

In January 2011, I made, based on the recommendation of a good friend, a trip to Sri Lanka - the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

I spent 2 wonderful weeks in a paradisiacal place, the hotel "Spring of Life". The loving staff took care of my welfare. I am very grateful for every smile that I received, for the wonderful applications, the loving efforts and support of the people, and the excellent doctor who is practicing there.

The Ayurveda cure, which I had made randomly, gave me strength, energy and new insights. I could leave everyday life behind me and had time for myself. Inside of me I found answers for questions like who I am, and what is important to me.

I was suffering of high blood pressure for years made, had to take medication every day. My stay at “Spring of Life” and the treatments, which were given, had changed my illness. Now I am feeling much more better and the blood pressure medication could be reduced. The daily medication has gone, I don´t need it anymore.

These 2 weeks were undescribable, I liked them so much. Directly, after being back home, I organised my next trip for July 2012. In July 2012, I started with an impressively roundtrip through the beautiful island Sri Lanka. Full of Impressions I came back to “Spring of Life”. Here I was able to make an Ayurveda Cure once again.

Due to this positive experience, a big dream had been grown inside of me. I wanted to share these wonderful experiences with other people. My profession as a physiotherapist and staff of a travel agent were helpful to realise my dream. Since 2013 I organize trips to Sri Lanka, especially to “Spring of Life”.

I always accompany my groups to Sri Lanka. My knowledge as a physiotherapist gave me the possibility, to gave them additional treatments to the ayurvedic treatments. If they want, they could be a part of my knowledge in relaxation techniques.

I am very happy about this wonderful chance in my life!

Anja Richter, Germany (Report 2012)

Bread and Pasta again after 5 Years

I became ill in 1999 and was diagnosed, following a gastroscopy, with celiac disease, an inability to digest grains. This concerns particularly wheat products and is a gluten intolerance, and means no pasta, no normal bread, and no cake! It also relates to any food containing wheat in any shape of form or quantity. This allergy destroys the villi in the gut lining and ultimately leads to cancer of the colon. It is said that celiac is incurable except in young people who could ‘grow out’ of it during puberty. But I was already over forty.

I kept to a diet with replacement products such as corn, rice, special breads, etc. Occasionally I tried eating some wheat, which resulted in intense abdominal pain and accompanied by severe nausea!

In January 2004 we came to the first amazing Ayurveda spa at the “Spring of Life“, in Sri Lanka. During my first consultation I reported my allergy to Dr. Edirisinghe. I received appropriate ayurvedic remedies during my 3 week stay. At the end of the treatment I asked him to provide me with more medication to take home with me. When he gave me those special herbal medication he said:”When you have taken them all after 3 months you will be able to eat everything again!”

I did not quite believe this and began very carefully with eating spelt wheat products that I digested well. And more and more I was able to eat wheat bread and other wheat products again without any negative side effects. At the end of 2004 I had a test done. The result showed no further signs of celiac!!! Now several years have passed and I remain very well!

I am grateful that life took me to "Spring of Life and Dr Edirisinghe"!

- Nelly Elsenbruch-Bach, Schweiz -

Paradise is an understatement

After three wonderful weeks in “Spring of Life” I am well rested and happy back home. Everything was so beautiful and even better than described and on the website

But from the beginning:

When I arrived in Colombo at the airport, the driver of “Spring of Life” had warmly welcomed me. After a transfer of 90 minutes in an air conditioned van, we arrived Wewala. A short honking was the sign of the driver for the hotel staffs, to open the gate. I could not believe what awaited me behind. It´s not easy to describe, it´s “heavenly”, like “the heaven on earth”. But these words are still an understatement.

A huge, lovingly tended garden with fountains, gazebos, secluded retreat places and a large swimming pool overlooking the Bolgoda lake welcomed me. I thought, “Here it will be easy to relax, to come down, and listen to myself”.
I had a spacious, very clean and tastefully decorated room with large panoramic balcony. Here I could relax after my fantastic ayurveda treatments, and in the evening I could enjoy the sunset.

Many guests come with various health problems to "Spring of Life". I, however, wanted to recover me especially from the stresses of everyday work. Other reasons to visit Sri Lanka were, to come in touch with the wonderful energy and beauty of the country and his people. I also wanted to learn more about the social projects and to visit them, which are all organized from the owner of the Ayurveda-Resort. Her name is Ursula Beier. For more than 30 years she is a social worker in Sri Lanka and look after the poorest of the poor.

I had an initial consultation by Dr. Thusangi, she was the Ayurvedic doctor. After a long and intensive conversation the therapy directly began. I suffered on stomach pain and back problems (due the long sitting at the PC) for many years. They put me on a "diet", after which I was allowed to eat everything, except lettuce and raw vegetables. In addition, I got herbal medicine three times a day

After a week I felt much better and even today. Since two weeks I am back in Germany and my stomach is still much better than before. In my daily life I live according to the dietary recommendations of the doctor and take the herbs continue pills consequently. For my back I had gotten great massages and herbal treatments.
My feeling in my whole body is still more relaxed than before my stay at this wonderful place.

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, I can recommend you this special, small Ayurveda-Resort "Spring of Life". If you are seeking for a well-run hotel in original nature, you will find it here. It´s a place, where the therapists works in the traditional, more than 3000 years old authentic way of Ayurveda. Its true and reality, not only written on the website.´

In paradise “Spring of Life” I felt like a king. All staff members were very friendly, polite and considerate. Anytime I looked into smiling faces. I had the feeling, that everybody was doing his very best. So I had an unforgettable stay.

Thank you very much for everything!

Crohn’s Disease – Plagued by a Serious Disease of the Gut

Plagued by a serious gut illness called Crohn’s Disease since 1978, Karin S. came to the “Spring of Life” in 2003 for treatment. She had suffered many painful operations, a colostomy bag, suppurating ulcers, and at the end only with 20cm of colon remaining, continuous faecal discharge, underweight and with deep depression.

Karin S. reports: When I came to “Spring of Life” in 2003 I fulfilled a long held wish to have four weeks of Ayurvedic treatments! I still felt very weak, miserable and deeply affected by the most recent operations in 2001 and 2002. The colostomy bag was reversed again and the colon stitched back together again but I had tremendous problems with my digestion and frequent stools, together with great concerns about how I would manage in Sri Lanka with the treatments, excursions, etc, and if I could digest the food.

But I was able to experience wonderful things! The Ayurvedic doctor prescribed medicines that my gut took to and converted. The massages turned out to be tender loving care for my soul and for the scars on and in my belly. I felt better every day and my gut felt comfortable. It digested the wonderful food with ease. The stools became formed again and were less frequent. I was able to sleep through the night. I was in paradise. The country, the people, everything – was simply wonderful. With heartfelt thanks to Ursula I was able to gain many insights and experiences. I also learnt to look after my gut and particularly - to love it.

Today, 5 years later I care for and love myself. I am aware of my diet, allow myself to rest frequently. I consciously laugh a lot and experience a great sense of appreciation. In my mind I am often in Sri Lanka. I am happy that I am so well today. When I look in the mirror I see radiance in my eyes. I live love; I have learnt to accept my short colon with care and gratefulness. Every night I massage my belly lovingly with oil and I am thankful that I am how I am today and that I can move about freely. This means that when I sense the urge to go to the toilet I have enough time to find a comfortable place. This was previously not possible.

Thank you for everything.
- Karin Schmidt, Germany- (Report June 2008)

Report of Julia Schulz

After 2 years of MS disease, I came with my own wheelchair at Spring of Life in March 10, 2014.

Ayurvedic Cure in "Spring of Life" from 10. March until the 31. March 2014

Before the treatments in "Spring of Life" starts:

July 2012, in my body began the disease Multiple Sclerosis, associated with pain and many paralysis. It especially spread out in my brain (after the 46th tumor on the CT image, I had stopped to listen to the doctors).

Nearly every month followed hospitalizations, infusions, etc. I constantly had severe pain in the legs and dizziness. Since 2013 I needed a wheelchair. The scientific medicine attracted me more and more in their circulation. According to their diagnoses my illness was incurable, and I was very close to the death. They said that I have to die, if I would not start an additional, intensive therapy as soon as possible, such as hemodialysis, escalation therapies. Naturally, that would be an immensely strong load for my body.

One day, it was the last attempt to trust the doctors, (I visited an alternative practitioner), I had a liver failure after a treatment, which is responsible to wash out the whole poison out of the body.

In January 2014 I was finally in a clinic, I was discouraged and powerless, my body didn´t work and I was more death than alive. My father helped me and enabled me the Ayurveda treatment in "Spring of Life", my husband gave me the strength to keep going on, until the cure would start.


Sri Lanka March 2014

I arrived at the "Spring of Life" and was warmly welcomed by Ursula Beier (the founder of "Spring of Life", an Ayurvedic spa facility nearby Colombo) and all the others in the team like a queen. Shortly after my arrival I did not need my wheelchair. I went on my own foots, far distances without any help.

It did not take a long time to change the thing, which I had called in past "illness" . With Ursulas help, it turned into a big task.

Every day I had specially, for me and my medical problems, arranged treatments and the fresh made medicine. The doctor and the medical therapists are excellent.
I had a lot of conversations with Ursula, and her vast knowledge and her sensitive words, took away my fear and opened me the opportunity, to have a deep look into myself.

The view of my life, and the knowledge of the interaction of the ancestors, the family eventually helped me, to find myself.
During my stay, I had many human encounters, each of them were so important for my path. All this (people, environment, treatments, etc. in this paradisiacal environment) opened something in me like a strong, previously unknown strength, which I would most likely describe as "power of love".

Finally, after 2 weeks I was able to go perfectly! My dizziness were suddenly gone, no more pain in the legs.

With the help of all I have discovered:
I can heal myself, I´m doing it now. I´m so grateful, that I had the possibility to learn this in Sri Lanka. Everybody believed in me, in their thoughts and spirit they were always with me, and I could feel it (for me, as a European, a completely new experience)!

I never was alone.

I am what and who I am, and I´m responsible for me!

At first I was a little bit afraid, because now I knew, that the fully responsibility for my body, my mind and spirit, is only lying in my hands. But for me was this realization of "self-responsibility" my Sri Lanka miracle and of course also the experience, that I´m not alone.

Here in Germany, back in the everyday life, I still have the feeling inside me, to be supported by Ursula and the people of "Spring of Life".
I want to say special thanks to Ursula, especially for giving me help in every situation of my life. She is very close to me, not least by phone, email, etc.!


After the cure - April / May / June 2014

I´m still healing myself. Everything is okay.

Unbelievable, but it´s I can ride a bicycle once again! Actually, I can do everything, especially that what I love and enjoy, and I had missed during all the long time of my illness.

I still pay attention to my diet. I practice Yoga, meditate, and spend a lot of time with me and listen to my body. Now we are best friends and I know a lot about him.

I'm Julia (Jule), just 30 years old, a photographer, artist and a miracle (as we ALL!)


“And I love my life!”

(People, who are really interested in hearing more about my experiences, I´m willing to tell them more. For personal contact you can write me: